*This page is under construction*

I have been cataloging my talks over the years in reverse chronological order. This is still far from complete. For some I have links to videos, slides, and for others I just have pictures. I will constantly update this, adding missing talks and new ones.

In February, 2021, I repeated my “Developing native applications with GTK” presentation but this time in half the time.

In November 2020, I presented my “Developing native desktop applications with GTK” talk in GNOME Asia.

In September, 2020, I presented two talks on the first GNOME Onboard Africa virtual event. The second titled “Developing Native Applications with Gtk”, where I demoed the process of writing a small GTK application.

In September, 2020, I presented two talks on the first GNOME Onboard Africa virtual event. The first titled “Starting a FOSS career with GSoC/Outreachy”, where I spoke a bit about how I started contributing to GNOME, participated in GSoC, and became employed to work on GNOME. This talk also covers the first steps one needs to take to apply for an internship in GSoC/Outreachy.

In August, 2020, I hosted the GNOME Intern lightning talks event in GUADEC. I also spoke a bit about my journey getting started with GNOME, getting a GSoC internship, and becoming a fulltime GNOME developer. Online event.

In January 24th, 2020, I spoke about the existing Desktop Portal architecture and how to integrate your sandboxed applications with the operating system. This talk describes the process of sandboxing desktop applications with Flatpak, how to make applications interact with the operating system through a Portal, and how to extend the Portal API. In Brno, Czech Republic.

In January 26th, 2020, I spoke about GNOME Boxes, describing its newest and highly anticipated features such as GPU passthrough, Import/Export virtual machines, and remote connections with RDP. In Brno, Czech Republic.

In August, 2019, I spoke about the existing infrastructure to create Flatpaks out of Fedora packages, and detail the process of converting a RPM into a Flatpak by demonstrating it live. In Budapeste, Hungary.

In January 24th, 2019, I spoke about my experience Flatpaking GNOME Boxes in DevConf.CZ, presented in Brno, Czech Republic.

In the summer of 2019, my colleague Carlos Soriano and I presented a quick workshop on “developing native desktop application with GTK” at the FIT VUT in Brno, Czech Republic.

My colleague Carlos Soriano and I conducted a short presentation and a workshop in Linux Days 2018 in Prague, Czech Republic.

In 14 March, 2018, I spoke in the 7th Linux desktop meetup in Brno about GNOME Usage and the new features in GNOME Boxes.

Experiments with GPU pass-through in GNOME Boxes presented in Brno, Czech Republic.

Latinoware is a big free software event that happens annually in Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil. The host city borders both Argentina and Paraguay, so the event is considered the biggest gathering of free software enthusiasts in Latin America. There I presented once again my “Developing Javascript Applications in Gtk+” talk.

Forum Internacional de Software Livre is the biggest free software event in Brazil. It happens every year in Porto Alegre. I attend it uninterruptedly from 2009 to 2014. I presented a lightning talk version of my “Developing Javascript apps for GNOME” talk.

I spoke about the happenings on GNOME Music (which I was maintaining at the time), and about the two Google Summer of Code students which I was mentoring.

This time me and my friends hosted the Tchêlinux event of that year in our own university.

Tchêlinux is an itinerant group of free software enthusiasts in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Since 2006 they organize events around Rio Grande do Sul where community members speak about free software to the local audience. The entrance fee has always been food donations to the needy.

I spoke about the contribution workflow of GNOME, and I coordinated an workshop in one of our labs where the participants learnt how to write a simple web browser with Javascript, Gtk+, and WebKit.

I had the pleasure to speak in front of my schoolmates and the whole computer science department in the 18th edition of the academic week in my university.

I spoke about my journey into contributing to free software, specifically GNOME, and my experience in the Google Summer of Code Program.

In FISL’s 14th edition I was responsible for the GNOME stand in the event, and I also co-hosted a Q&A session where participants were asking questions about GNOME. Many questions regarding the GNOME 2-to-3 transition.

I spoke for five minutes about my Google Summer of Code project. This was my first time ever speaking English in front of an audience.

My presentation intended to incentive local university students to participate in the program.

My second presentation in the 2012 edition of Tchêlinux was a walk through the GNOME stack ending on a Gjs + GTK “Hello World” example.

Og Maciel interviewed me in 2012 to comment about my experiences joining the GNOME community and my work in Google Summer of Code.

This was pretty much the same presentation I had in Pelotas, but this time in the city of Rio Grande at FURG.

My first public talk ever was in Tchêlinux 2010, in the city of Pelotas. I spoke about the GNOME translation project and the process to contribute.