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GNOME is participating in Outreachy! (May to August 2024)

The Outreachy organizers have approved GNOME to participate in the current round of Outreachy!

The GNOME Foundation is interested in sponsoring 3 internship projects for the May to August cohort.

@mentors If you are interested in mentoring, please discuss project ideas in our Project Ideas repository.

  • Feb. 23, 2024 is the deadline for mentors to submit new projects.

@interns Initial applications for the Outreachy May 2024 to Aug 2024 internships are due on Jan 29 at 4pm UTC:

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Updates on our internships administration

For the past few years I have been managing GNOME’s participation in the Google Summer of Code and Outreachy internship programs. As a former alumni myself more than a decade ago, I believe these programs are a fundamental tool to onboard new contributors to our community and to provide opportunities for contributors to learn and join a thriving open source community. While I enjoy part of this management role, I am still a developer, and some of the internship activities are really energy/time consuming. So I have been looking for ways to improve that.

During my term as a Board member, the Board established the concept of committees, to extend the Board’s responsibilities and to solidify the Board’s position of governance and oversight. See

Before my Board term ended, I proposed the creation of yet another committee: the Internship Committee. My goal was to increase the visibility of our internship efforts within the Board so that committee members have the resources and support they need to coordinate the programs. See

Now the Board has voted to approve the creation of the committee! This means that now the Board will always have a liason member dedicated to facilitate the communication between the Board and the internship administrators. This also means that now the Internship Committee has more formal responsibilities, such as the ones defined on the committee charter. The committee already has multiple community members and is working towards improving our processeses.

Another step I wanted to take was to produce a documentation for the internship administration processeses so that we eliminate the bus factor and have also a easy time onboarding new admins.

I just pushed the initial version of the Internship Admin guide, containing also my personal collection of templates for communication with interns, mentors, program organizations, etc… This allows for community members to improve the processes themselves all in once place. A lot of the templates I wrote need update and rewording (contributions are welcome).

And, while we are at it, don’t forget that we are gathering ideas for GSoC and Outreachy internships for 2024. Visit to learn more.

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GNOME will have two Outreachy interns working on implementing end-to-end tests for GNOME OS using openQA

We are happy to announce that GNOME is sponsoring two Outreachy internship projects for the December 2023 to March 2024 Outreachy internship round where they will be working on implementing end-to-end tests for GNOME OS using openQA.

Dorothy Kabarozi and Tanjuate Achaleke will be working with mentors Sam Thursfield and Sonny Piers.

Stay tuned to Planet GNOME for future updates on the progress of this project!

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Call for Mentors and projects for Outreachy December ’23 – March ’24 cohort

The GNOME Foundation is interested in sponsoring up to 3 Outreachy projects for the December-March cohort.

If you are interested in mentoring AND have a project idea in mind, visit GNOME: Call for Outreachy mentors and volunteer and submit your proposal.

We can also use pre-submitted ideas from our Internship project ideas repositor .

GNOME has a committee (Allan Day, Matthias Clasen and Sri Ramkrishna) that will triage projects before approval. More information about GNOME’s participation in Outreachy is available at Outreach/Outreachy – GNOME Wiki! .

If you have any questions, please feel free to reply to this thread or e-mail, which is a private mailing list with the GNOME internship coordinators.

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Looking for mentors with project proposals for Outreachy May-August 2023

Hi folks!

We are interested in sponsoring Outreachy internships projects for the May-August 2023 cohort. Project ideas should be submitted before February 7.

GNOME usually has a few participants in Outreachy, so we are looking to offer projects that are most strategic for GNOME. These include, but are not limited to, projects in the area of privacy, GTK, core experience, core applications, developer experience, and development infrastructure. More information about GNOME’s participation in Outreachy is available at Outreach/Outreachy – GNOME Wiki! .

If you would like to mentor this round, please propose a project idea at our Internship Project Ideas Gitlab project.  Once your project proposal has been reviewed, you will be asked to submit it in the Outreachy website. All project ideas need to be approved by the triage committee (Matthias Clasen, Allan Day, and Sriram Ramkrishna) and coordinators (me and Kristi) .

If you have any questions, please feel free to reply to this thread or you can message us privately at

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Proposing internship project ideas

GNOME yearly participates in both Outreachy and Google Summer of Code. These internship programs basically consist on having new contributors working on a well-scoped project alongside an experienced mentor.

Defining project ideas is not as easy as it might sound. One needs to consider the perspective of a newcomer approaching the project for the first time, having a schedule where they are expected to onboard, work, and produce contributions that benefit the project.

Instead of my yearly call for project ideas, I would like us to maintain a permanent collection of project ideas that can be discussed and iterated over for a longer period of time. Sometimes an idea can depend on prior work, some UI mockup, or the availability of someone to mentor.

The Internship Project Ideas GitLab repository is now the place for these conversations to take place. The repository’s issue tracker should work well for cross-linking to issues in the repository of our components, as well as allow for tagging individuals that can provide valuable input on the composition of a project idea.

Both internship programs allow for the applicants to propose their very own project ideas, so whenever you get contacted by a potential future intern, ask them to file an issue on our Internship Project Ideas repository for further discussions.

Lastly,  Don’t Be That Person: Don’t propose projects that neither you nor anyone else wants to mentor. 😉

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Let’s welcome our new interns!

It is that time of the year again when we get to meet our new interns participating in both Outreachy and Google Summer of Code. This year the GNOME Project is proud to sponsor two Outreachy internships for the May-August season and to mentor 12 students in GSoC 2021!

Our Outreachy projects are listed here, and you can find our GSoC projects here.

Our interns have received an email with instructions for the community bonding period, and you will start seeing their blog posts appearing in Planet GNOME very soon. Make sure you say “hello” and make them feel welcome in our project. Keep in mind that beyond the project’s tasks, we want them to become long-term contributors and, later on, Foundation members. You also will have a chance to get to know about their projects during our Intern Lightning Talks at GUADEC.

If you have any doubt about our participation in these programs, feel free to contact the GNOME GSoC admins or join the #soc channel.

Happy hacking!