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GSoC 2023: GNOME Foundation has been accepted as a mentoring org!

We are glad to announce that once again the GNOME Foundation will be part of Google Summer of Code. We are interested in onboarding new contributors that are passionate about GNOME and motivated to become long term GNOME developers!

@Contributors interested in participating in GSoC with GNOME should visit for more information.

@Mentors interested in mentoring projects this year should file a gitlab issue in Teams / Engagement / Internship Project Ideas · GitLab 2

Project ideas

Our ideas list is available in GNOME + GSoC | 2023 Project Ideas 2 and is the result of the discussions in Teams / Engagement / Internship Project Ideas · GitLab 2.

You can still submit project ideas until March 19th, when GSoC applicants are expected to submit their final proposals.

Important upcoming dates:

  • Now – March 19: Proactive GSoC contributors will reach out asking questions about your ideas list and receive feedback from us so they can start crafting their project proposals.

    @Contributors make sure you research enough about the project and work towards making a small contribution. You should consider the proposals available in GNOME + GSoC | 2023 Project Ideas or propose your own project ideas as soon as possible in Teams / Engagement / Internship Project Ideas · GitLab 2
    Make sure you approach potential mentors to move your idea towards an internship.

    @Mentors, point contributors to for more information and be patient with their questions. Contributors are open to suggest new project proposals and you should indicate whether you’d be interested in mentoring those proposals and help them compose a project proposal that is realistic and benefits the project.

  • March 20 – April 4 18:00 UTC: GSoC contributors will submit their proposals through the program website.
  • April 4 – 26: We (admins and mentors) will review all submitted GSoC Contributor proposals and consider how many we want to select (based on how many committed mentors we have available). Admins and mentors will rank the contribution proposals.
  • April 27 18:00 UTC: Deadline to submit ranked slot requests (Org Admins enter requests)
  • April 27 – May 2: Google Program Admins review and assign org slots
  • May 3: Organizations receive notification of their accepted GSoC 2023 Contributors
  • May 4: Accepted GSoC 2023 GSoC Contributor projects are announced
  • May 4 – 28: Community Bonding Period
  • May 27: Deadline to notify Google Admins of an inactive GSoC Contributor that you wish to remove from the program
  • May 29: Coding begins

For more information on the timeline, visit Google Summer of Code 2023 Timeline  |  Google Developers

If you have any doubts or questions, please reply to this message on Discourse.