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GNOME will be mentoring 8 new contributors for Google Summer of Code 2024

We are happy to announce that GNOME was assigned eight slots for Google Summer of Code projects this year!

GSoC is a program focused on bringing new contributors into open source software development. A number of long term GNOME developers are former GSoC interns, making the program a very valuable entry point for new members in our project.

In 2024 we will mentoring the following projects:

  • “Add TypeScript Support to Workbench” by Angelo Verlain Shema, mentored by Sonny Piers
  • “Port Workbench demos to Vala, build a new Workbench Library, and replace the current code search” by Bharat Tyagi, mentored by Sonny Piers
  • “Improve Tracker SPARQL developer experience by creating a ‘web IDE’ for developing queries” by Demigod, mentored by Carlos Garnacho
  • “Papers’ small screen and touch support for mobile and tablet” by Markus Göllnitz, mentored by Pablo Correa Gomez
  • “More durable synching for FlatSync” by Mattia Formichetti, mentored by Rasmus Thomsen
  • “Port libipuz to Rust” by pranjal_, mentored by Jonathan Blandford
  • “Improve Tracker SPARQL developer experience by creating ‘web IDE’ for developing queries” by rachle08, mentored by Carlos Garnacho
  • “Add support for the latest GIR attributes and gi-docgen formatting to Valadoc” by sudhanshuv1, mentored by Lorenz Wildberg

As part of the contributor’s acceptance into GSoC they are expected to actively participate in the Community Bonding period (May 1 – 26). The Community Bonding period is intended to help prepare contributors to start contributing at full speed starting May 27.

The new contributors will soon get their blogs added to Planet GNOME making it easy for the GNOME community to get to know them and the projects that they will be working on.

We would like to also thank our mentors for supporting GSoC and helping new contributors enter our project.

If you have any doubts, feel free to reply to this Discourse topic or message us privately at


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