Improve focus and productivity by listening to different sounds

I have always had a hard time avoiding distractions during working hours. My hyperactive brain wants to wander off distracted by any kind of noise around me.

Lately I found out that having a background ambient sound such as rain, wind, fireplace, really constrains me from any distraction.

In doing so, inspired by, I created a GNOME Shell extension with similar functionality.

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It is quite simple but it does the job for me.

It is available for download at the extensions website:

Bug reports/feature requests are welcomed at

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  1. Very interesting! Maybe turn it into a small application? I am slightly hesitant to run extensions because it means more code inside the compositor/display server, which increases the chances of crashing the session.

  2. Вы должны смешать его с pomodoro. 25 min шум cafe, 5min перерыв, затем шум држдя и по кругу…

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