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FISL 15!

The latest edition of FISL was a blast! Even though I have noticed a smaller number of attendees compared to 2013, it is quality rather than quantity that matters.

We had less GNOMErs this year as well, but our community was definitely nicely represented. At day one, Luciana Fujii gave a talk about GLib, GObject and more G* stuff.

On day two, Adorilson Bezerra and I have conducted the GNOME Community Meeting. At first, Adorilson introduced GNOME 3.12 and, after that, I’ve presented a lightning talk about Gjs development. At the end of our Community Meeting we had an open space to discuss GNOME as a whole. It was all broadcasted live and recorded, you can check it out here (Portuguese audio).

I hope to see you all again next year at FISL 16!

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Bye 2013! Happy 2014!

When a new year comes, it’s time to reflect (not regret) and set up new goals.

With this in mind, I have to say that last year was the best year ever… so far! I have attended FISL 14 in Porto Alegre, GUADEC in Czech Republic and gave a lot of talks. Speaking of that, I forgot to blog about the talk I gave at Latinoware which was an introduction to GNOME Application Development with Javascript (Gjs). And after that, I was invited to give a short introduction to Free Software and share my experiences as a student developing FOSS (mentioning my Google Summer of Code participation in 2012 and my involvement with the GNOME community) at my university. Everything was a blast!

For 2014, I want to intensify my GNOME contributions, read 50 booksgraduate o/*, and (after that) find a first job. 😉

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Bye FISL 14! See you all next year!

Last week I attended the 14th edition of the Free Software International Forum (FISL) in Porto Alegre, Brazil. It was a great opportunity to see in real life people I see daily on IRC/mail-lists/social networks.

I live in Pelotas, which is located 270 km far from my state’s capital, Porto Alegre, so I couldn’t miss this rare chance of meeting my fellow gnomers. We had a community meeting where we’ve discussed GNOME activities in Brazil and some directions GNOME has taken over the past few releases. We have also heard a lot of feedback from GNOME users at the community meeting (some related to design decisions, other to distros delivering GNOME software, and etc). It was pretty exciting!

Besides the GNOME related activities, I’ve attended some really nice presentations and discussions on free software and specific technologies. I’d highlight these in particular:

See you in FISL 15!