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Call for Mentors and projects for Outreachy December ’23 – March ’24 cohort

The GNOME Foundation is interested in sponsoring up to 3 Outreachy projects for the December-March cohort.

If you are interested in mentoring AND have a project idea in mind, visit GNOME: Call for Outreachy mentors and volunteer and submit your proposal.

We can also use pre-submitted ideas from our Internship project ideas repositor .

GNOME has a committee (Allan Day, Matthias Clasen and Sri Ramkrishna) that will triage projects before approval. More information about GNOME’s participation in Outreachy is available at Outreach/Outreachy – GNOME Wiki! .

If you have any questions, please feel free to reply to this thread or e-mail, which is a private mailing list with the GNOME internship coordinators.

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