Download and install operating systems directly in GNOME Boxes

If you are closely following the development of GNOME Boxes, you probably have read Debarshi’s announcement of this new feature that allows you to download and install Red Hat Enterprise Linux gratis directly from Boxes.

This time we are enabling you to install many other operating system virtual machines right from inside Boxes. A moving picture is better than words, so watch the preview below:

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The list is populated by libosinfo, which gets updated shortly after every new OS release. If you don’t see your favorite distro there, please send us a patch.

This feature will feature GNOME 3.28.
Happy virtualization!

19 thoughts on “Download and install operating systems directly in GNOME Boxes”

  1. I wonder if it’s possible to add FreeDOS as an OS option in GNOME Boxes?

    For best results, I recommend installing in a 32 bit virtual machine with Sound Blaster audio and Ad Lib music and PC speaker emulation. FreeDOS doesn’t require much memory, 16MB or 32MB is plenty. I usually set up a 200MB virtual disk.

    My QEMU setup options are documented in this article:

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