My journey starts by crossing the Atlantic Ocean and fighting its most dangerous threads. Basically monsters, dragons, and pirates. In Lisbon, Portugal, I have stepped ashore. My sailing days were over. However, my destiny was still far from being fulfilled. So I have sailed to Prague, Czech Republic. I got there in a few hours, but my luggage did not. Fortunately it magically appeared 24 hours after at the GUADEC dorms in Brno. :O

Fantastic literature apart, I have had an awesome time at GUADEC. Between August 1st and August 4th, we have had a special keynote every morning followed by a whole day of talks. Besides, we have had some parties in the evenings: in the very first day in a full-dedicated nightclub, and on day 3 at the local Starobrno brewery (generously funded by Mozilla).

From August 5th to 8th, BoFs and hackfests! I have spent some time working with the GNOME Music crew. Met the guys in-real-life and was introduced to new ones.

I could not forget to mention the blistering heat in Brno. It was hotter than my homeland hottest days. But the best way to soften the heat if you are in Czech Republic is by having a beer or even a Kofola (I had never drank it before. Loved it).

At last but not least, I want to thank the GNOME Foundation for sponsoring my attendance at the conference. I hope to see you all fellow GNOMErs again next year, and to practice my french at GUADEC 2014 in Strasbourg!


Programming Marathon training at UFSC

July was a very busy month for me. I’ve attended FISL14 and a Winter School of Programming Marathon at UFSC, Florianópolis. Now I’m blogging from GUADEC in Brno, Czech Republic.

Since I’m still a student, I’m able to participate in programming marathons. Me and two more friends created a team and we’ve started to train weekly. We intend to participate firstly in a regional competition which entitles to compete in the national programming marathon which entitles to compete the World Finals. We are, definitely, aiming low. Let’s just have some fun at least!

During a week (July 22nd – 26th), we have had competitions daily — every morning — and in the afternoons we had lectures about algorithms and data structures related to the problems we have seen in the morning. Pretty interesting approach!

Going to GUADEC 2013!


Thanks to the GNOME Foundation, I will be attending this years’ GUADEC. Once again I’m having the terrifc opportunity of meeting my fellow GNOMErs in-real-life, meet new ones, and help this community be as awesome as it already is.

I’ve never been to East Europe, so any tips from people who’ve been to Czech Republic would be welcome!

I’m also a volunteer, so you can count me in to help in anyway I can.

See you all in August 1st at Brno, Czech Republic!



Bye FISL 14! See you all next year!

Last week I attended the 14th edition of the Free Software International Forum (FISL) in Porto Alegre, Brazil. It was a great opportunity to see in real life people I see daily on IRC/mail-lists/social networks.

I live in Pelotas, which is located 270 km far from my state’s capital, Porto Alegre, so I couldn’t miss this rare chance of meeting my fellow gnomers. We had a community meeting where we’ve discussed GNOME activities in Brazil and some directions GNOME has taken over the past few releases. We have also heard a lot of feedback from GNOME users at the community meeting (some related to design decisions, other to distros delivering GNOME software, and etc). It was pretty exciting!

Besides the GNOME related activities, I’ve attended some really nice presentations and discussions on free software and specific technologies. I’d highlight these in particular:

See you in FISL 15!