#GSoC: midterm evaluations

They say time goes faster when you are having fun. This first-half of GSoC has passed in a blink of eye, really! Despite having a hard time conciliating GSoC with my university duties, this period is definitely something I would love to experience again.

During this first-half of the program my mentor (Cosimo Cecchi) has been so patient in helping me toward achieving my goals and has been always available to answer my doubts. Grazzie Dude!! :)

So, let’s face the second-half of the Summer! o/

I’m attending GUADEC!

I almost forgot to announce that I’m attending GUADEC in A Coruña, Spain. I’m sure it will be a great opportunity to go deeper into GNOME development, meet new people, make new friends and put faces on names I see on mail-lists/IRC.

Thanks to the GNOME foundation for sponsoring me!

See you there! o/

#GSoC Report III

Hey, it’s been almost two weeks since my last report, but I’m still here working. I am [finally] free of my university exams, i. e., GSoC is my new full-time occupation. :)

In my last report, I described a method that I was working on which adds a mount point easily to the tracker store. It’s now finished!

So I’m now working on tying this method up to the DBus name of the calling application. I’m getting familiar with DBus and this code will be available ASAP on my tracker repository on GitHub.